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    1. The predecessor of Guangdong Derun Textile was a famous silk mill which already had more than 30 knitting machines in the early 1912. The silk we produced was spread to the Eurasian countries along the China's?ancient?Silk?Road and had obtained the high praise. Over a hundred years, we have always insisted on inheriting the fine tradition of Chinese nation to provide customers products with superior quality, reasonable price and varied assortments.

      In 1990, Guangdong Derun Textile co., Ltd., was founded as a joint-venture invested by Hong Kong enterprises. With the technologies of specializing in tricot fabrics of swimwear, underwear and sportswear, we are proud to be one of the largest knitting suppliers in China.

      Quality assurance is our commitment to business, we have imported advanced equipments and technologies from Germany, Italy and Switzerland which are being used into our production processes for knitting, dyeing and finishing, printing, etc.

      With the professional technical support of the company, our R&D engineers keep innovating in developing new products to meet the market demands and enable compliance to the certifications of Oeko-tex Standard 100 and ISO9001 International Quality System. In January 2006, our brand name “DERUN” has successfully registered in “Guangdong Famous trademark” of China. In July 2010, we have passed the Cleaner Production Inspection of Guangdong Province.

      Specializing in medium to high class quality of elastic tricots is always our strength, our products are mainly sold to numbers of international well-known manufactures of swimwear, underwear, sportswear of Europe, North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. We have the ability of continuous development of new customers and maintain good relations of long-standing cooperation with them.

      We are devoted to our customers, with the business philosophy of quality service, innovative products, and the development of a strong partnership.

      If you are seeking a reliable business partnership for spandex knitting fabric, Guangdong Derun Textile will be the preferred choice to provide you with high satisfaction.

      Cleaner Production
      Energy Saving

      Derun emphasizes the energy conservation and emission reduction, that is to work on all kinds of technological innovations to deal with the tail gas generated from the setting machines, waste heat recovery, cooling water recovery and deodorization process for waste water, etc. We make great efforts to develop the green enterprise and push depurating production to develop harmoniously with the natural environment.

      Derun has been authorized with the Guangdong Cleaner Production Certification and has signed some cleaner production cooperation agreements with international brands like Lindex (STWI program) and H&M (BMI program).

      We have proposed the idea of production mode as“Cleaner Production, Energy Saving”. Improving the production processes, recycling the energy, regulating the use of chemicals can effectively slower the consumption of natural resources and realize zero emission of hazardous substances.